Training in the heat, watch the dew point. Dew Point?

It is hot, dangerously hot. I know some of you are trying to start training for fall marathons.

The below link to an article in Runners World give some tips on running and training in the heat.

Interesting, they claim the it's not the heat or the humidity but the dew point that best predicts how tough running and training in the summer will be. From the article:


50–54 Very comfortable, PR conditions
55–59 Comfortable, hard efforts likely not affected
60–64 Uncomfortable for some people, expect race times to be slower than in optimal conditions
65–69 Uncomfortable for most people, easy training runs might feel OK but difficult to race well or do hard efforts
70–74 Very humid and uncomfortable, expect pace to suffer greatly
75 or greater, extremely oppressive

I have found that running in cool but humid weather is not unpleasant. I also have had surprising good performance when running in hot but very dry weather. The dew point may be the best gauge establishing your expectations.

Most smart phone weather apps show Dew Point. Use this advice and modify your training and expectations accordingly. Don’t risk heat stroke or heat exhaustion.