Use technology for running?

There is a lot of technology to help runners keep and improve their running. Everything from smart phone apps to wearable devices to improved running apparel to social media and networking. Have you found some technology that you really love and helped you with running? Would you be willing to share it with the club? Send your story of how a technology helped your running to us at

2019 Winter Chiller Financial Recap

2019 Winter Chillers were a great success!!  We had many runners of all ages come out in all kinds of conditions.  We were lucky to have six terrific venues to allow us to have a warm and dry place to gather before and after the races.  We are thankful to all the volunteers that brought food, donated prizes, helped set up and clean up, set the courses, directed traffic, took photographs and staffed the finish line.

Race entries = $1,990.00

Supplies: $86.40

Prizes: $420.60

Printing: $49.20

Venues: $125.00

Beanies for all participating in at least 5 of the 6 races: $915.00