Needed: MAGP sponsors

The MAGP race committee is actively looking for MAGP sponsors. MAGP sponsors typically offer $100 to $200 dollars for having their corporate name and logo on the MAGP 2019 banner at over 12 races in 2019, and on the MAGP website all year long. If you know of a corporate or institutional sponsor that is interested sponsoring the MAGP then please have them contact Ginger at or contact the club directly at

Marj Klar, Treasurer

I moved to Hancock from Connecticut in September 2017. I retired from 40 years of teaching June 2018. After commuting to NH on weekends for 9 months, I am now here permanently. During those first weekends in NH, I was just trying to find new running routes... I was lucky to run into several MILERS on some of these runs.

Since my college days, I have always run to relieve stress. It wasn't until 10 years later that I started to up the mileage. This happened when I joined a local running club - Sport Hill Runners. Their motto was "No Hills, No Thrills".

We ran twice weekly at 5:30 am for 4-5 miles and long runs on Saturdays followed by recovery on Sundays.

Someone was always training for a marathon, so I trained for my first half and eventually a full. I have trained for a marathon pretty much every year since 1990. However, I have only run the race once a decade. I am due to run one in my 60s. Maybe this year will be the year.....

With the Sport Hill runners, we also ran several Ragnar Relays as well as many of the local shorter races. I have really enjoyed running the small NH races because I am not fond of crowds. It has also given me a chance to get to know the Monadnock region.

I would be happy to train long runs with anyone wanting to do a marathon. I am NOT fast!! (10 minute miles) I like to have a slow build up and I don't mind going out early in the dark.

I am honored to be your new treasurer. I have the time and I really enjoy all the club activities.

My preference for winter traction

When confronted with slippery and icy roads, we must have some form of traction. It is simply not worth the risk of falling and injury; wearing traction is the only way to reduce your risk of falling in winter.

My preference for traction is screw in Icespikes because you can control how much traction you want. Nearly everyone has an old pair of last year’s running shoes. My year old shoes become my winter shoes with Icespikes . I found the clip on types are very convenient but add more weight and sometimes get tangled or twisted during running. Additionally, I like Icespikes because I can screw in the traction where I need it. I prefer having traction on the edges and back heal where the shoe first touches the ground. I don’t like having screws directly under my heal or on the ball of the feet because I can feel the screws.

The only problem is the screws wear down over time. In these photos, you can see my screws are ready for replacing. Of course you only have to replace those screws that lost their edge. NOTE: Icespikes has been a sponsor of MRM and MAGP series but I/we were not compensated for this post. I just bought more spikes today at the regular price. :)