MRM Election and Appointment Results for 2019

The MRM officer election results for 2019 are in:

President: Ross Ramey 96.00% 24 votes
Mike Smith (Write In for President) 4.00% 1 vote

Vice President Ginger Smith 100.00% 25 votes
Treasurer: Marjorie Klar 100.00% 25 votes
Secretary: Tena Goen 100.00% 25 votes

Additionally below are appointed directors for 2019

Membership Director: Kerry Christophers
Coach: Mike Smith
Webmaster: Sean Radcliffe
Communications coordinator: Sean Radcliffe

Thanks to everyone who voted. Please welcome our new officers and directors!

MAGP 2018 Survey

In 2018, after a 10 year hiatus, the Monadnock Regional Milers reactivated the Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) in a big way. Now we are reaching out to MRM members and local runners to get feedback on the 2018 MAGP series. Please click the link below to start the survey. MRM members will also get a separate email to participate in the survey. The survey has 9 questions and takes about 4 minutes. Thank you for your feedback!

Start survey by clicking here.

Coach Mike Smith's Coaches Corner

Coach Mike Smith has been writing the Coaches Corner for the Milers for as long as I can remember. This month’s Coaches Corner will be Coach Smith’s last. Please read details below.

Don’t worry, Coach Smith will still be connected with MRM club and the Wednesday Night track workouts (at least for 2019).

Coach Smith has done a great job helping MRM runners keep ourselves running at our best. Thanks Coach!

2019 Chiller Dates!

Thanksgiving is over. The Temple Chip Chase is just weeks away.

That means the 2019 Winter Chillers will soon be here! Below are the dates for the MRM Chiller series of 2019. These races will be added to our online race calendar as soon (

Keep these dates open:

1/5 Hampshire School, Rindge

1/26 High Mowing School, Wilton

2/9 Hancock Frolic, Hancock

2/23 Granite Lake, Nelson

3/9 Friendship Hall, Temple

3/23 Be Fit, New Ipswich

MRM elections for 2019 will be conducted online

This year we are voting for new MRM officers for 2019. Unlike in the past, we will be voting using the online tool Survey Monkey. Members will receive email with a unique link for them to vote online. The open offices are for President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

NOTE: Other director positions such as Coach, Race Director, Webmaster and Safety Director are appointed.

We are hoping this online voting will engage more people and be more convenient than in person voting. Please let us know what you think (good or bad). Thanks!

2019 MRM Running Club nominations!

It is time for MRM Officer and director/coordinator nominations!  We need nominee's name and contact information (email or phone)

You may nominate as many people as you like. 

Once nominees are finalized, we will have club elections. NOTE: The MRM club elects President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at an official club meeting. The other positions are appointed. Nominations are requested for all positions.

Upcoming holiday and winter races

The 2018 MAGP is over but don’t worry, we have some races to keep you active over the holidays.

  • Thanksgiving turkey trot - Get some running in before the big meal by running in our free turkey trot at Con Val HS. Click here for details.

  • Friends of Mascenic Cross Country “Alumni” Race. Click here for details.

  • P'nut Butter Chip Chase 5K - New Years day race! Snow or ran or shine, this race starts off your new year right. Lots of nice raffle prizes! Click here for details.

  • Chiller series - The Milers conducts 6 races over January, February and March in local towns that keeps you racing and fit all winter. Details to come.

Races will be posted on the MRM website here before they are posted on facebook.