Interview with Elizabeth Halper, race administrator for Run for the Pines

Sean Radcliffe: Elizabeth can you introduce yourself and explain your involvement with the Run for the Pines 5K?

Elizabeth Halper: I am the administrative assistant to the Executive Director, Patricia Vargas.   My role at Cathedral of the Pines includes many and diverse tasks, one being community outreach.  We created the “Run for the Pines” 5K last year not only to promote awareness of Cathedral of the Pines but also to engage families in a healthy and fun activity!

Sean Radcliffe: How old is the  Run for the Pines 5K ? I think it is a relatively new race.

Elizabeth Halper:  October 2018, was our first official “Run for the Pines” race.   There were other 5K’s at the Cathedral in past years.  We hope to make this an annual event.

Sean Radcliffe: This race benefits the Cathedral of the Pines, correct?

Elizabeth Halper: Yes. 

Sean Radcliffe: I only learned of the museum this year.  That's something people (and runners) should visit.

Elizabeth Halper: Cathedral of the Pines is a very special place.  We are essentially a “Cathedral without walls!” Our historic monuments honor the service of American men and women—both military and civilian. We welcome visitors from all over the world to participate in our events and to explore the extraordinary sanctuary grounds, meditate in outdoor chapels and gardens, and learn our history.

Sean Radcliffe: A lot of people know about the Cathedral of the Pines but don't know about the race and the course. Tell me about the course.

Elizabeth Halper: It is a approximately a three mile course that begins at the Hilltop House on the Cathedral Grounds. Follows a dirt road down to Grassy Pond, traverses some back roads and then reverses direction.

Sean Radcliffe:  I think there is only race-day registration, is that correct? Tell me about registration.

Elizabeth Halper:  We are in the process of creating an on-line registration that will be linked to our FB and web page.  Same day registration is also an option.

Sean Radcliffe: Tell me about the special incentive for the first 50 registered runners (as well as other prizes).

This year the first 30 registered runner will receive a miniature “live” pine tree.  We will have prizes for first finisher, first family and youngest runner.

Sean Radcliffe:  Well, the weather in September is typically drier and cooler, nice time to have a 5K.  It should be a good time for a race and visit to the Cathedral of the Pines.

Elizabeth Halper:   September is a perfect time to visit our beautiful grounds, walk our trails, explore our museum and have a picnic.  We allow “leashed” dogs as well.