My preference for winter traction

When confronted with slippery and icy roads, we must have some form of traction. It is simply not worth the risk of falling and injury; wearing traction is the only way to reduce your risk of falling in winter.

My preference for traction is screw in Icespikes because you can control how much traction you want. Nearly everyone has an old pair of last year’s running shoes. My year old shoes become my winter shoes with Icespikes . I found the clip on types are very convenient but add more weight and sometimes get tangled or twisted during running. Additionally, I like Icespikes because I can screw in the traction where I need it. I prefer having traction on the edges and back heal where the shoe first touches the ground. I don’t like having screws directly under my heal or on the ball of the feet because I can feel the screws.

The only problem is the screws wear down over time. In these photos, you can see my screws are ready for replacing. Of course you only have to replace those screws that lost their edge. NOTE: Icespikes has been a sponsor of MRM and MAGP series but I/we were not compensated for this post. I just bought more spikes today at the regular price. :)