Sean Radcliffe, Webmaster

In 2003 I moved from the flatlands of New Jersey to the beautiful rolling hills of Temple, NH. From almost my first day in the Monadnock Region, I have been a MRM member, initially drawn to the Milers due to the Chiller races. As I initially adapted to running in cold, New England winters, I found the Chiller races encouraged me to get out and discover the joy of running in snow and cold.

The camaraderie of the Chillers is fantastic and motivates you get you out of your house because you want to run with the ‘gang’. I particularly like local races and 5Ks in warmer weather for the same reason - I like seeing familiar runners and spending time with them.

I love running in the Monadnock Region because I never get tired of running down country roads past farms, fields, and pastures. And those hills, they just make it even more interesting.

For the past 10 years, I have worked in Keene at C&S/ES3 doing software development.

For just under 2 years I have been the MRM webmaster, preparing and posting most of the content on the MRM website as well as the eNews. If you have any ideas or suggestions for the MRM website or eNews, please email them to: