HoFall 5K Run/Walk, MAGP race #12

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon (September 22, 2019), the HoFall 5K Run/Walk, MAGP race #12 had 20 runners take to the trail. Those over 40 years old dominated this race. Wow. Kevin Drew took first place at 24:45 and Gretchen Post was first place female at 26:42.

119Kevin Drew50 - 5956Male24:46.20
223Jim Hargreaves50 - 5952Male25:20.10
38Gretchen Post40 - 4945Female26:42.90
414Ross Ramey60 - 6966Male32:00.10
511Marjorie Klar60 - 6964Female32:34.80
615Tena Goen50 - 5958Female33:50.20
717Victoria Okelley15 - 1915Female44:26.50
812Rachel Lakin50 - 5955Female45:42.00
97Debra Salisbury50 - 5957Female48:20.60
1010Nancy Lavoie60 - 6961Female50:14.00
1113Lisa Ramey60 - 6964Female50:35.10
129Kathy Robinson50 - 5954Female56:21.10
1322Susanna Hargreaves40 - 4948Female59:48.90
142Philip Conte50 - 5959Male01:10:03.90
1521Christine Janson50 - 5959Female01:10:10.40
161Michelle Roseto60 - 6967Female01:10:11.40
1720Jim Janson50 - 5957Male01:10:13.10
1818Susan Drew50 - 5953Female01:18:49.30
194Kathleen Sharkey70 and up72Female01:18:56.30
203Loretta Lizotte70 and up82Female01:19:01.20