Chiller #1, 2019 results at Hampshire Country School

Compared to previous January Chillers, the weather wasn’t very January-like. It was a gray day with a cold drizzle of rain and temperatures just around freezing. Fifty five runners came out to the first Chiller of 2019 at the Hampshire Country School in Rindge. The first mile of the race was paved. The paved roads were simply wet but there were some black ice spots . The real challenge began when we turned on to the dirt roads Bancroft and Koski. These dirt roads had packed ice and snow over the entire crown of the road. The rain on the road made the surface very slick. Many runners had brought some type of traction but many did not. Everyone had to slow down on those slick dirt roads. The temperatures were very nice for winter running, not too cold. Some runners ran in shorts. Eric Wiedenmann from Rindge easily took first place and Rachel Hurley was first female in second place!. Thanks for those bringing in dry goods for the food bank. Much thanks to Bern and the entire crew at Hampshire Country School for graciously letting us use the school for our race. Also thanks to everyone who brought food for the runners!

0124:44Eric WiedenmannM28Rindge
0225:20Rachel HurleyF18Peterborough
0325:40Sean RadcliffeM58Temple
0425:49Ezra KetolaM42Rindge
0526:00Elizabeth McGurkF23New Ipswich
0626:21Ian JohnsonM58Antrim
0727:29Arne JohannessenM55Keene
0827:49James MormandoM48Jaffrey
0928:29Jacob CrawfordM12Greenville
1028:30Josiah ConleyM10Peterborough
1129:23John SingelaisM59Temple
1229:25Nick HillM39Peterborough
1329:59Kevin DrewM55Milford
1430:13Oliver ConleyM09Peterborough
1530:19Bernd FoeckingM44Dublin
1630:51Nick GermanaM43Keene
1731:10Yolanda FlaminoF42Temple
1831:19Gwenna KetolaF40Rindge
1931:32Kurt BernaM47Lyndeborough
2031:46Gretchen SmithF45New Ipswich
2131:56Mike SmithM51New Ipswich
2232:34James HurleyM48Peterborough
2332:38Jeff RichardsonM62Westmoreland
2433:07Jaime ConleyM40Peterborough
2533:08Jake FerrellM24New Ipswich
2633:25Hunt DowseM71Hancock
2734:18Jaime HennesseyF35Rindge
2834:28Richard PendletonM54Peterborough
2934:33Maggie RamosF57Peterborough
3034:47Jim KingstonM56New Ipswich
3135:10Tom BrumaghimM60New Ipswich
3236:32Charlotte BaileyF20Lyndeborough
3338:48Sarah HurleyF21Peterborough
3437:00Judy HeddyF62Bennington
3537:10Marj KlarF63Hancock
3637:36Theresa BernaF59Lyndeborough
3738:24Stacey LuomaF45Peterborough
3838:35Libby TwitchellF55Dublin
3939:41Rachel LakinF54Munsonville
4039:48Juniper ChristgauF36Hancock
4140:53Susan GintertF59Jaffrey
4240:54AnnDea WhippenF48Jaffrey
4340:55Marge DineenF59Greenfield
4440:56Dan WalshM56Greenfield
4541:34Geraldine LiebertF71Keene
4641:46Elisha EwingF47Peterborough
4741:53Laurie BrownF51Hollis
4842:08Corinne ConleyF06Peterborough
4942:10Victoria SmithF15New Ipswich
5044:32Kylie BaneF17New Ipswich
5144:35Suzanne CallahanF45New Ipswich
5247:53Rachel HillF38Peterborough
5350:17Christina ChristidesF68Keene
5451:11Emily ClarkeF26Peterborough
5551:13Jen DumontF49Lyndeborough