MAGP 2019, One race left!

There is only one, last race in the MAGP series of 2019: FRIENDS OF THE POOR 5K, MAGP RACE#13.

This race is all on streets (mostly paved roads) in neighborhoods of New Ipswich. Historically, the have great food and prizes including a raffle prizes. Don’t miss this fun, local 5K that supports a great cause.

Congratulations to the 2019 MAGP leaders. This year we have 2 runners who have run in every race.

Rachel Lakin 12
Tena Goen 12
Marj Klar 11
Michele Siegmann 10
Ross Ramey 10
Lisa Ramey 9
James Mormando 8

Below is a link are the total results of MAGP 2019 with one race left