Monadnock Regional Milers Running Club is looking for leadership and volunteer assistance

Elected officer positions:

President - (2 year term) Leads the club into the future. Oversees club operations/activities including influencing club direction and efforts. Presides over club meetings. Oversees and supports club committees and directors. Calls special meetings and appoints committees and chairpersons as required.

Vice President - (2 year term) Works closely with president including any special assignments & assistance as requested. Serves in the absence of the President.

Treasurer - (1 year term)  Manages finances for the club - finances are very small but important for our small non-profit organization. Signs or disburses necessary appropriations as directed.  Works with membership director to maintain membership list.

Secretary -  (1 year term)  Records meeting minutes and keeps files of such minutes. Accepts assignments involving official correspondences and record keeping as requested.  Works with communications coordinator.

Appointed directors:

Communications coordinator - (1 year term)  Responsible for club communication/promotion. Works with webmaster and delegates regarding web content, social media, eNewsletter, fliers, press releases, etc.

Membership director - (1 year term)  Manages the membership list. Coordinates with the Treasurer to maintain membership list.  Works with club officers, directors/coordinators, and delegates to foster club membership.

Competition director - (1 year term)

Coach - (1 year term) - coaches and offers running advice to club members.

Webmaster (1 year term) - Manages the club website.

What does the MRM running club do?

Winter Chillers - The MRM running club conducts 6 very affordable races in Monadnock area towns during winter months. Chiller races motivate runners to get outside and keep running in winter.

MAGP - The Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) is the MRM's effort to promote local, independent Monadnock area races and their communities. The 2018 MAGP series is 14 races!

Summer races - The MRM running club administers a local race (Anne Bunce Memorial). Additionally, the club administers the Jack Murphy fun runs in Peterborough throughout the summer.

Conval track workouts - Our MRM coach conducts track workouts weekly (in warm weather) at the ConVal field and on local roads.

There are also some of new endeavors recent club officers discussed but  have not yet initiated:

  • More community outreach and support (both running based and non-running based).
  • Offer and/or assist people to get started with running (like Couch to 5K but more personal).

Interested?  We could use your help!  Nominate yourself or others by sending an email to or submitting on our website: . Nominees do not have to be MRM members at time of nomination, but must be MRM members at time of election.