MAGP Standings After 8 Races

This buggy summer is dwindling down. Soon the cooler, drier fall months will be here and running and racing will be less wet and messy and itchy.   The 2018 MAGP is more than halfway over with only 6 races remaining!  The leaders are holding strong but there are many just one race behind.  MAGP results are in the graph below and complete results are also here.

August 18th Run for the Honey, 5k Hancock, NH
August 25th Marlborough Mad Dash, 5k Marlborough, NH
September 15th Viking 5k New Ipswich, NH
September 23rd HoFall5K Run/Walk Milford, NH
October 6th or 13th Friends of the Poor 5k New Ipswich, NH
October 27th Stone Arch Bridge 10 Miler Keene, NH

Rewards program from Teds Shoe & Sport, Keene

Ted's Shoe and Sport is a sponsor to many, many races including the MAGP series.  Ted's has been a sponsor to MRM for years.  Below is an offer to the MRM community from Ted's Sports in Keene:

At Ted’s Shoe & Sport, our customers serve as our most important ambassadors. We work hard to ensure that your members are 100% satisfied with their experience at TEDS. I am reaching out to you to share some exciting new changes we’d like to offer all members of the Monadnock Regional Milers. We’ve just launched a new PERSONAL REWARDS LOYALTY PROGRAM! We are so appreciative of the MRM members for shopping in our store over the past 19 years, so we’re now offering this Personal Rewards Program to each of them! This exciting new program will replace the current 10% member/employee discount offered currently, and will be effective immediately. Here’s how it works:

  • MRM members will receive 1 point for each dollar spent on full priced items in our store. For every purchase, your point balance accumulates.
  • When your reach 300 points in a 12 month period, you’ll be rewarded with a $25 Personal Rewards Voucher card valid on your next TED’S SHOE & SPORT purchase.
  • There is no cost for the program, no need to present an ID badge, and no membership cards to keep track of.
  • The voucher is valid for 90 days from date of issue.

Our motto is “shoes that fit better perform better”. We’re 100% committed to providing a world class experience to your members when they shop at TEDS. We are firm believers in the Healthy Monadnock vision of a more fit community, and we truly believe proper footwear is
paramount in helping new and veteran runners alike. Should you have any questions regarding this new program, please feel free to reach out to me [Ted] at or 603-357-8337.

Magnificent Seven (MAGP leaders)

There are seven MAGP runners with perfect scores: Cathy and Ryan Teague, Ian and Kristen Ramey, James Mormando, Juniper Christgau, and Tena Goen have participated in all six MAGP races as of end of June.  

MAGP runners have nearly completed half the series,  finishing 6 of 14 races. The next race in the MAGP series is the 4 on the 4th in Keene, NH (

More Information on MAGP series including full results and standings can be found at

For complete MAGP results click here.

MAGP leaders

Article from Keene runner Thomas Paquette

Gratitude and the love that comes with the running community

It’s rainy. Oh, and let’s not forget about that wind. The grass is brown, and there are still snow mounds stained with mud in the pockets where the sun doesn’t shine. Your goal race is just a few weeks away, yet it seems like there are still a million miles between you and the start line.

We all have had these negative thoughts creep into our heads. What seemed possible last week, seems impossible today. When these negative thoughts overcome me, I always think about how grateful I am to have legs that move, shoes to lace up and, most importantly, my “tribe” that is the running community to support me.

Running has the power to bring the good out of people. I’ve never been to a race where someone is booed or heckled. It is because of my tribe that I appreciate even more why I run, why I coach. It comes from those 6 a.m. text messages from an athlete telling me, “I got into the Boston Conservatory! I’m going to college! I’m going to college!” that all of a sudden makes the rain not as relentless. It’s the smile from an athlete, after running her longest and fastest run, that makes my own long run not as daunting and the wind a little more forgiving.

Be thankful for those who make your own training less stressful, and not so much of a burden. The running community is unique in that way. It doesn’t matter what club you are affiliated with, the different runners you run with or how fast you are. I think it is safe to say we are all in it for the love of the run. Running is that simple, and I am thankful for that.

Thomas Paquette is the owner and personal running coach for Next Level Running and can be reached at [originally published in Keene Sentinel 4/18/2018]

Monadnock Regional Milers Running Club is looking for leadership and volunteer assistance

Elected officer positions:

President - (2 year term) Leads the club into the future. Oversees club operations/activities including influencing club direction and efforts. Presides over club meetings. Oversees and supports club committees and directors. Calls special meetings and appoints committees and chairpersons as required.

Vice President - (2 year term) Works closely with president including any special assignments & assistance as requested. Serves in the absence of the President.

Treasurer - (1 year term)  Manages finances for the club - finances are very small but important for our small non-profit organization. Signs or disburses necessary appropriations as directed.  Works with membership director to maintain membership list.

Secretary -  (1 year term)  Records meeting minutes and keeps files of such minutes. Accepts assignments involving official correspondences and record keeping as requested.  Works with communications coordinator.

Appointed directors:

Communications coordinator - (1 year term)  Responsible for club communication/promotion. Works with webmaster and delegates regarding web content, social media, eNewsletter, fliers, press releases, etc.

Membership director - (1 year term)  Manages the membership list. Coordinates with the Treasurer to maintain membership list.  Works with club officers, directors/coordinators, and delegates to foster club membership.

Competition director - (1 year term)

Coach - (1 year term) - coaches and offers running advice to club members.

Webmaster (1 year term) - Manages the club website.

What does the MRM running club do?

Winter Chillers - The MRM running club conducts 6 very affordable races in Monadnock area towns during winter months. Chiller races motivate runners to get outside and keep running in winter.

MAGP - The Monadnock Area Grand Prix (MAGP) is the MRM's effort to promote local, independent Monadnock area races and their communities. The 2018 MAGP series is 14 races!

Summer races - The MRM running club administers a local race (Anne Bunce Memorial). Additionally, the club administers the Jack Murphy fun runs in Peterborough throughout the summer.

Conval track workouts - Our MRM coach conducts track workouts weekly (in warm weather) at the ConVal field and on local roads.

There are also some of new endeavors recent club officers discussed but  have not yet initiated:

  • More community outreach and support (both running based and non-running based).
  • Offer and/or assist people to get started with running (like Couch to 5K but more personal).

Interested?  We could use your help!  Nominate yourself or others by sending an email to or submitting on our website: . Nominees do not have to be MRM members at time of nomination, but must be MRM members at time of election.

MRM Running Club nominations!

It is time for MRM Officer and director/coordinator nominations!  We need nominee's name and contact information (email or phone)

You may nominate as many people as you like. 

Once nominees are finalized, we will have club elections. NOTE: The MRM club elects President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary at an official club meeting. The other positions are appointed. Nominations are requested for all positions.