Monadnock Area Grand PRIX (MAGP)


A series of local races helping communities

The MAGP 2018 series is completed! It was a great success. Here are some stats:

  • Total number of races: 14 races

  • Number of different runners signed in for at least 1 MAGP race: 86 runners

  • Average # of MAGP runners per race: 22.3 runners per race

  • Total number of MAGP signed entries for series: 313 signups

  • Total number of runners completing at least half of the 14 races: 22 runners

  • Maximum number of signups for single race: 48 (Spring fling in Peterborough, first MAGP race)

  • Least number of signups for single race: 8 (Stone Arch Bridge 10 miler in Keene, in cold, hard rain, last MAGP race)

  • Estimated benefit to local races (assuming $20 entrance fee): $6,260 (313 x $20)


Information, rules. and PRIZES, race date

About the Monadnock Area Grand Prix and how to participate.


MAGP 2018 results

Congratulations to everyone competing in MAGP 2018 series.

Many thanks to our MAGP 2018 Sponsors !